Alchemy Cafe would be nothing without our parents' passion for wholesome nourishing foods. Since they opened Alchemy in 2013, the Cafe has grown to become a treasured haven for the tired, weary and hungry traveller as well as a regular meet up place for locals from all over the coast.

Since those early days,  Alchemy has evolved somewhat. Peter and Grada have moved to focus more on their natural therapy business, Purple House Wellness Centre, and have entrusted me to continue in their footsteps with their mission to spread to word about healthy eating by practicing what we we preach

Along with my sisters, Mieke and Lisanne, we are the souls of Alchemy. These guys  have been a part of Alchemy Cafe since day dot.

The Alchemists (L - R) Lissanne, Mieke and Eve (me)

Without these two being let loose in the kitchen there would be no zest, life and fire (sometimes literally..lisanne is a bit of a pyro 😉) in the food being so lovingly prepared for you, the customer.

Funny as I look at the photo I realise how time does make everything better. Not so distant memories arise of us trio in the family kitchen. Let me tell you it wasnt a pretty sight. Arguments that led to yelling and more than once food being thrown as well as the odd fisty cuffs. I do remember ladling out soup when 'accidentally' hitting Lisanne on the head with a full scoop. Even a boiled potato being lobbed across the table at me, but that may have been mum so I better leave that story be. 

Fast forward past our teenage years with fragile egos and fiery tempers and opinions and we make quite the team. Mieke is the calm one, always encouraging and working hard in the background supporting your dreams, not wanting any recognition for herself, all the while being mumma to two gorgeous strong willed girls and supporting her hubby's career in professional basketball. Then there's Lisanne. Always wearing her heart on her sleeve and seeing the best in everyone. The one responsible for all the crazy, awesomely creative raw cakes you sometimes see come through (lucky for me this creative streak runs in the family and we all seem to have our own flair). Not only has she given her heart and soul to Alchemy Cafe, shes also the heart of her little home up the road. With a little girl, mischievous twin boys as well as dedicated stepmum to her partners two children. To say I'm blessed is an understatement. I'm glad the days of food throwing and scuffles are over, even though there might be a heated debate here or there I wouldn't have it any other way....

Now that you can put a name to a face make sure you say hi to these two beautiful creatures when you see them at Alchemy Cafe

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