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Do hormones ru(i)n you life? Listen to Alan’s take on hormones Monday 24th 7 pm

Hormones, what can you do about them? Looking at your hormones from an essential oils perspective is the topic of Monday night’s free essential oil info session (7-9 pm @ 47 Wilmot Rd Forth) and it will blow your mind away. Guest speaker Alan Simpson has generously offered to step into the freezer (he dwells […]

Is there a key to your health?

There is a brilliant mathematician who has had an enormous impact on many lives and his name is Carey Reams. In 1931 this genius who was in fact an agricultural scientist discovered a formula for perfect health! This formula has assisted tens of thousands of people to overcome different illnesses and diseases and to achieve […]

Could you suffer from heavy metal poisoning and not know it? Check out these symptoms.

The lady had driven for three hours to come for a consultation at the Purple House. Her sister in law had to accompany her because she was very unsteady. She hobbled into my room and collapsed onto the massage bed. I spent the next five minutes getting her comfortable. This was easier said than done because she hadn’t […]

Fix your problems by healing your cellular memories.

I am with a client in my treatment room.  Rays of sunshine are flooding my work space through the blinds and I can hear the birds chirping away outside. All of Nature is happy to be alive. Suddenly the peaceful atmosphere is disturbed by the sound of an ambulance or fire brigade siren in the […]